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Sunday, September 16, 2007

a precious collection

I have a big box of old letters and cards back home in Singapore that I've had since I was in my teens. And here in London, I have a little stack of cards that my family and friends have sent me since I've left. The latest card is a birthday card I received from my twinnie that my parents brought over with them when they holidays here in London about a month ago. My brithday's in five days on September 21st and I've opened the card like she knew I would but I haven't the present yet.

I also have a furry collection here in London. Some may say I'm too old for soft toys but I have a purple teddy that I've had since I was about 19; Raspberry has been everywhere with me! There's a ginger cat aptly named Cat that I bought in Canterbury. There's Antoine who's a very very old teddy bear. And Monkey (guess what he is?) from Aledburgh.

And of course there's bags & shoes. I was at Aldo today and saw a bag which I liked. Quilted beige patent-finish small messenger bag. I figured I'd think about it and not by it on the spot but I'm thinking about it and maybe on pay day I'll make a trip to Aldo :)

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steffy said...

how small is small? do you think it's the same one i was coveting for 6 months?

Kay said...

my bag's quite small :) it's kinda in between A5 and A4


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