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Friday, June 08, 2007

there was never a better time...

... to write about spice - that's this week's Sunday Scribblings topic - because I'm back home in Singapore where everyone's second favourite hobby is eating and is one of the largest consumers of chilli.

Joel picked me up from the airport today because we (my dad and my fave grandma) were giving my mom a surprise coz it's her birthday today. My grandma was in on it so that she could suggest the mahjong session - the only way to keep my mom awake! I also saw my best friend (my twinnie) and we drove to Newton Circus for a spot of late night supper (something that's virtually impossible to do in London because everything closes so early!)

To start with, we had Oyster Omelette, something sorely missed while I was in London at Newton. Oysters (which Cheri ate up) and eggs and starchy goo fried with chilli! It's superbly yummy! It wasn't quite enough but we thought a second plate would be too much. So I ordered barbecued chicken wings that came with chilli. Next on the list is chicken rice and I'm not sure if it's the chicken, the rice or the chilli that I'm hankering for. For those of you who haven't tried chicken rice, you have no idea what you've missed out on all your life. Here's the recipe. I haven't tried it myself but if you can't actually go out and buy one conveniently, it's the alternative. It's the chilli. Always.

I never used to eat spicy stuff, let alone chilli. That's really rare for a Singaporean. I would have the occasional (mild) green curry. But I've developed a liking for chilli and curries. My aunt made curry for my cousins and I at my flat in London when they were there last week and I lapped it all up without major damage to my tongue. There is one thing that I will still not touch, as a Singaporean though, and that's durians.

I'll post pictures of the food I'm enjoying here in Singapore so non Singaporeans will get an idea of what foods we enjoy here. But for more spice, head to
Sunday Scribblings. For now.


gautami tripathy said...

Nothing like sharing a meal with a friend. That troo spicy food!

Janie Hickok Siess, Esq. said...

Interesting! I look forward to reading more . . . (I cannot eat spicy foods, so I live vicariously through the descriptions of those who can).

Rob Kistner said...

Thanks Kay! Enjoyed your sharing.

I look forward to the photos.


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