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Friday, June 15, 2007

camera crazy

My dad's eccentric with his cameras. For as long as I can remember, he's loved taking pictures. The stacks of photo albums in the cupboard attest to that. He used to have shelves of old film cameras, many of them Leicas, when I was a little girl. I was probably about 10 when be bought a "baby Pentax" for me and I remember that I loved taking pictures when I was that age.

He's gone digital now. Almost everyone has I guess, even if they do still shoot with film. And these are the cameras that he has in his little collection. Some of the cameras are hush-hush - my mom doesn't know about them. And she hasn't noticed that the camera has grown in size and most recently, acquired a little red dot. [My dad's gone from the Panasonic FZ1 to the FZ8 to the FZ10 to the FZ20 to the FZ50 and finally the Leica VLux1.] She thinks it's still the original camera.

In previous post I briefly mentioned inheiriting the FZ50. The story is that when my dad first bought the FZ50 upgrading from the FZ20, he needed to "get rid" of the FZ20 so he sent it to London with EL for me. Recently, after having no more legitimate excuse to upgrade from the FZ50 to the VLux1, he started playing the lottery buying the serial number of the FZ50 and won a small sum that was enough for feed his addiction. He then passed the FZ50 to his sister and now I'm trading the FZ20 for the FZ50.

My mom has no clue.

When I head back to London I'm also taking the Digilux 1 with me. I also have a pink FX07. And my grandma is the proud new owner of another Panasonic model (she's 80 this year and speaks no English and takes beautiful pictures). Three generations of happy clickers. I guess we're all a little eccentric. Read more on Sunday Scribblings and check out my photos.


gautami said...

Thats one good eccentricity to have!

spacedlaw said...

AN expensive excentricity but one I can totally understand.

Janie Hickok Siess, Esq. said...

Wonderful eccentricities, I think, because they lead to lasting beauty in the form of photos to be passed from generation to generation.

strauss said...

It is nice that your Dad "gets rid of teh evidence" in such ways for otehrs to benefit, now severwal people in your family can enjoy his passionate past time. He seems to have born the same passion in you - your pictures were great BTW

Patois said...

I agree with Gautami that it's a good eccentricity to have. And here's hoping your mom doesn't read your blog as you've now outed your dad.

boliyou said...

It's a nice history of your dad and his cameras - great for a father's day weekend!

DJPare said...

I agree with all. Cameras create things - not bad to have an eccentricity with something creative.

lisrobbe said...

Great post! Fantastic eccentricity! Love the photo!


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