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Sunday, May 27, 2007

cooking's simple, sewing's not

I'm not a domestic person. I like clean but I don't like cleaning. That's the sort of un-domestic person that I am. But what I do like is cooking and baking. I get that from my dad's side of the family. Tonight we had EL over for dinner and I made steamed pork mince with Chinese mushrooms, and oyster sauce vegetables. And then I rolled up my sleeves and made orange chocolate chip muffins and in the process of doing so, had a little mishap with the electric beater and ended up with brown sugar over the work top and hob. Which I am absolutely loathe to clean up and which Andrew has kindly said okay to helping me clean up. That's about the only part of domesticity I find simple and enjoy. Even more complicated recipes - it's all about following the recipe to the tee and that's quite simple to do.

Back in school we had "home economics" class where girls learn to be housewives. We had two sections - cooking and sewing. I remember I pretty much aced cooking but when it came to sewing our own pair of culottes, my mom and I were hopeless and after managing to cut the material in the pattern of the culottes, we took the cut material to a seamstress and got her to sew them up for me for a fiver. My mom even asked her to make a few mistakes so that it'd look like the work of a student. My aunt's who cook/bake well generally are very good at handicraft too but I guess I only inherited the kitchen part of the talent. I can generally hem and sew buttons that have fallen off but my cousin Steffy has actually taken dresses in and altered sizes (complete with darts and all!) and lengths of skirts (from maxi to mini) all without the aid of a sewing machine. Oh! And the only thing I can knit (and you'll note that I say knit because I can't purl) is a square OR (this is very important as it means that I can knit more than one item) a rectangle. Right-angles are mandatory in my knitted designs.

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Clare said...

The dinner you cooked sounds so good. And I've never had orange chocolate chip brownies -- I bet those are awesome. I've had mishaps with the electric beater too -- and my husband once had a major one with the blender. I laughed when I read you took your culottes to the seamstress and your mom asked for a few mistakes in them. I enjoyed reading your Sunday Scribblings!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Your meal sounds wonderful, I wish I was more adventurous in the kitchen. I can't even knit a rectangle!

steffy said...

i like this genre of your writing ;)

sundaycynce said...

Your meal sounds wonderful but I don't like to cook. Give me sewing anytime. I used to sew a lot when we were young and broke. I sewed for our baby daughter as well as for myself. I would often sew til 2 or 3 or even 4 in the morning because of the thrill of watching a piece of clothing materialize in my hands from just odd shaped pieces of fabric and thread.


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