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Friday, April 20, 2007

what roots?

Castle Droco, Devon

This weeks post in "rooted" and I couldn't think of any of my roots to write about. My enthnic roots are Chinese. My 'born and bred' roots are in Singapore. I have no home of my own - hence unrooted - and I have actually just uprooted myself from the only life I've ever know and my friends and family and come to London to achieve my ambitions.

My recent posts have been short and sporadic and about not having any internet connection. I've been too busy to post at work and I actually broke my cardinal rule about not visiting my own blog from the office computer but I got desperate. 3 weeks without the net is really a stretch for me and I hardly have time at work to sit and write. So you can imagine the flood of feelings of familiarity when I finally connected myself to the world again this evening. Yeah, BT actually came through and I have broadband. I have an activated phone line too but no actual phone.

And it was then that I realized - my roots aren't real; they're virtual. My friends. My network. My connections. Of course, part of the reason is that I'm here and my friends are back home but I've got friends in Australia, the US, France, Malaysia, and Indonesia as well! My roots are virtual. My roots are high-speed fibre-optic connections that keep me grounded and keep me sane.

I'm really glad to be back, everyone. Visit the website for more Sunday Scribblings.


Ally Bean said...

My roots are virtual.

I LOVE that idea. It's so true for me too. Well said.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I was without internet recently for a few weeks and came to a similar realisation!

Beaman said...

Nice post. I love the picture you display. With the internet, 'roots' take on a different meaning. Friends need no longer be just within travelling range but also across the other side of the world.
Do you like London?

Rob Kistner said...

And those are fascinating roots, and you will be the first generation with those type of roots. really enjoyed your insight.

--and so it goes--

Patois said...

I love the thought of the roots veing virtual. I fear that is often true for me as well (outside of my immediate family).


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