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Sunday, March 25, 2007

fried wontons - the taste of home

A couple of weekends ago, Colin and I went to Oriental City, where I bought wonton skins, and last weekend I made my mom's famous (at least to me!) fried wontons! I thought I'd share a taste of childhood, a taste of home with two [extremely] simple yet yummy recipes from home. All ingredients are estimated - go with the flow!

Fried Wontons
Mix some minced pork and some chopped prawns together and season well with salt, pepper, soya sauce and sesame oil (the sesame oil defintely does make a difference). Spoon some of the mix into store bought wonton skins (they're pale yellow before they're cooked) and seal the wontons by dabbing water along the edges of the skins and folding into triangle halves. Deep fry till golden.

Mom's Omelettes
I generally make too much mince and prawn mix and have leftovers. Make the yummiest omelettes with the leftover mix by adding enough eggs to beat. The egg mixture should be heavy enough with the mince with enough egg to carry the mince. I usually like to add a touch more sesame oil because I love the smell! Fry till golden on the outside and cooked on the inside!

I am the wonton eater in the family. My mom usually makes a plateful and each of them would have three, maybe four fried wontons and my mom'd make a whole load especially for me. I think I usually have about 15 or so at a go, but then I don't eat anything else with it. Being away from home has made me so much more appreciative of my parents and I miss them. The next dish I make from home will be steamed pork and mushrooms! Bon apetite!

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spacedlaw said...

Hello Kay.
I followed you in from sundayscribblings.
Lovely recipes you have here.
I'll be sure to try some (at least the omelet - the wonton skins might be a little more tricky to get hold of).


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