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Saturday, February 24, 2007

the peculiarities of London

Separate hot and cold water taps - why would anyone want scalding hot or freezing cold water... Shops that shut at 6 - what about the us Londoners who work Mon-Fri and finish work at 6... Supermarkets that open at noon on a Sunday... Coucil flat owners that think their flats are equivalent to private flat rental prices... Landlords who show potential tenants a smelly, grimey, mucky flat... British Girl leaving crumbs all over the flat and watching terrible TV programmes... Homo Boy leaving his meat (cooked) out in the kitchen for 24 hours and then eating it... Brits not knowing what blood type they are - in case of emergencies please test my blood first before a blood transfusion... English dumplings - balls of tasteless dough rolled into a ball the size of a small egg... Animals being treated better than human beings... Ketchup with everything... English food... the English ordering their steak well done... Carpeted flooring and people walking around in their shoes indoors - just imagine the dirt, grime, germs and bacteria amid the carpet fibres...

These are some of the things about London and living here that just utterly baffle me. I love London. I love it I love it I love it and I wouldn't trade being here for anything (except maybe being in NY since Londoners themselves rave about how amazing NY is!) But I am absolutely perplexed at some of the things that I see here in London.

At least in my new flat, there are mixer taps in both bathroom and kitchen and hard wood floors. I'm really happy that I've managed to settle one end of my flat problems and regarding my flat in Fulham, no one seems to want to take the room at the increased rate (why would they - it's not worth that much!) but I've been advised and I've decided that the easiest thing if no one takes it, is to use my deposit to offset the rent as far as possible until I break even.

I've been walking around the whole day and for dinner - it's a Crispy Oriental Duck purchased from M&S that Kay Hong said is absolutely fantastic! Bon apetite!

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paris parfait said...

London apartments are full of a lot of quirky things, as some buildings stem from Victorian times and haven't been updated. Also because the city is so dreadfully expensive, landlords don't tend to spend more money on repairs/improvements than is strictly necessary. Despite its oddities that make up a curious charm, glad you're enjoying the city.

Kamsin said...

Your post made me chuckle! I never really thought about the taps before, but I do agree that it is annoying to get scalding hot water. I agree about the shops closing so early, it especially makes no sense in summer when it is light so late. My grandma will leave meat out on the side all day, but in her case it's because she never had a fridge when she was young or central heating, so most of the year you could leave stuff out in a cold room. Why anyone younger than 80 would do it though, I don't know! Also agree about the shoes indoors thing, even worse my brother wore my house slippers in the garden the other day then walked back in the house, which made me want to scream at him! As for blood type, nope I have no idea what I am, I find it strange that people know theirs. And the food, don't get me started, some of the things people in this country put on a plate and call food is barely good enough to feed pigs!

gautami tripathy said...

Each plce has it own quirks. I can't even begin to tell you about Delhi. Most peculiar city, I think.


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