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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

my fantasy

It's Monday night today but my Sunday Scribbling topic of Fantasy has just come to me. In my ideal world, the earth will be encased in a climate controlled bubble with wireless internet points everywhere so wherever I am, I will always be able to be connected to the internet, because I live to be connected.

I write this tonight because the British work system has somehow failed again. The flat's on an Orange broadband plan and we were getting the account switched to another name. Apparently the switch should have taken only a couple of days (which was already too long for me!) but by day 4, the internet was still not up. Called Orange. Orange said that it would take a week. It's not past a week and tonight, in order to write this, I'm connected to another connection that isn't very strong nor reliable. I was balancing my iBook on one knee at the top of the stairs at one point.

The weather's taken a turn for the worse. I know everyone (and the papers too!) says that this is the mildest winter London's seen in a long long long time and I'm torn between understanding the threat and severity of global warming and the enjoyment of a winter where I'm not freezing my butt off as much I would have sans global warming.

ButI'm makiing an effort to be a "greener" person. I'm recycling and I intend to start using a mug at work instead of paper cups for my morning cuppa for obvious reasons. I see the number of paper cups that Oksana goes through each day and I think that if everyone just made a little more effort, London might survive the floods and live to see another millenium.

Is this a fantasy? Or is this potential?

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sundaycynce said...

I hope it is NOT a fantasy. It would be a tragic loss for all the world.


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