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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

4 bottles of beer and 1 weird nut

I live with four other people at the moment. One guy of German-Indian parentage who looks pretty much Indian and sounds British. One British girl, young, graduate worker. And a Kiwi couple. We have a 4-bedroom Victorian flat in Fulham. Nick and Kath (the Kiwi couple) are moving out beginning December as they have just bought their own flat and last night, all of us interviewed a Potential.

Now, I've been feeling rather weird about British Girl for a little while now. She's left of the middle, slightly strange. She works in finance and she's home by about half six every day (or every day that I manage to get home early);she's already back at the flat, wearing her casuals and lying in front of the TV in the living room. I usually pop into the living room and say hi if I notice someone in there. So I'll pop in, see her lying there and say hi and ask "how're you" or "how's work" or "how's it going" like everyone does as a matter of courtesy here. And most of the time she'll give me a "fine thanks" reply and continue to stare at the tele blankly. Last week, Nick made dinner and I acceptd his invitation and a bunch of us sat at the dinner table for lasagne; British Girl hardly said a word. I think she wanted to, but somehow, lacked the social skills and/or confidence to do so.

Last night, when talking about the Potentials, British Girl said that she didn't know about a particular Potential because he seemed so 'together' and had his own set of friends and then it kind of drifted off. Now - does that seem strange to you at all? British Girl doesn't want to share a flat with someone who has his/her own life and friends? British Girl has a long distance boyfriend but doesn't do anything else (so it seems) apart from lying on the sofa watching tele but why should everyone else not want/need/have a life and friends? She is so weird. I actually do hope that the One has a life and friends because it would be so tideous to have another boring person in the flat. Andrew said that British Girl probably just wants to recreate uni life where everything centered around a core group of friends or flatmates or something. I just think she's weird and boring. And she's pretty much got bad hair days every day - out-grown rebonded hair that's oh-so-curly at the roots in a naturally red shade.

I like Nick and Kath best and I'm sad to see them go. Nick's this really easy going guy and Kath's just lovely. There's also the German-Indian guy who's basically alright.

So there you have it. A summary of the people living in this flat. Me - you already know. :)

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paris parfait said...

British girl sounds like she needs to get out more! Good luck finding a new flat-mate.

Rethabile said...

And how do the other tenants feel about Brit girl who is your nemesis, I reckon)? Anyone like her guts?


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