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Friday, August 11, 2006

hello from london

Yes, I'm finally here and I arrived in London yesterday.

I've only been here two days but I'm already missing home. Home is truly home because of the people. I miss my parents. I called them just now and cried on the phone with them, and my mom cried, and my dad's voice sounded like it was breaking. My mom still wants me to come home but my dad's supportive - he says that I have to try it out now when I'm still young sans entanglements.

So who else can I still be? This week's post on Sunday Scribblings ties in well with what I think I'm feeling now that I'm in the UK. I've been feeling a little under the weather because I'm missing home so much. So even though I'm a little depressed, I'm telling myself that I can still be a great account manager in London. And beyond that, I'm going to be a great account director, and group account director, before deciding if I want to go into management of an agency or if I want to move into planning. So even though I'm feeling a little homesick, and this bed isn't as comfortable as my own bed, I believe in myself enough to believe that I can make it!

... Continued in the next post.


hundred and one said...

Greetings from Birmingham and welcome to the UK! Cheer up - things always seem to look bleak to start with but you'll soon settle down and get used to it. I wish you all the best for the future!

paris parfait said...

Yes, you can make it happen, Kay! It's always a little scary at first, but soon you'll settle in and discover so many possibilities beckoning, you won't know how to choose. Bonne courage, mon ami!

lisrobbe said...

You will be forever enriched in you life for this oppotunitiy, enjoy and much success.

chiefbiscuit said...

I just love your name! ;) You are very brave and I can see a strength coming through your writing. Keep believing in yourself! Hope you find friends soon and companionship. Thanks for sharing your story.


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