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Sunday, July 30, 2006

professionalism in the work place

This post was inspired by Sunday Scribbling's My 2 Cents.

I take my work very seriously and I perform well. When I was at an ex-company that shall not be-named, I found that there was a seriously lack in the level of professionalism there and I was appalled. Basic project management functions were not in place and though I tried to implement some form of order amid chaos, the culture of pandemonium was too strong for me to break through. Plus, of course, management did ot support this.

There are other issues that affect the level of professionalism of an organization and reputation of an organization. I do not understand how account executives who do not do their work, do not come to work on time, and do not show respect for rank and logic can still remain in the employ of a company. Perhaps they are backed by a powerful force. It happens in Asia all the time, and I'm sure no country is exempt. Not only is the work not done, I knew of an account executive who was always reading blogs, Xiaxue's blog in particular. He didn't do his work and was reading a narcissistic blog.

I think that relaxation is great and no one should be restricted from a little "me time" during the course of the day but when the briefs I asked to be put in and the filing hasn't been done, there is definitely something wrong.

Personal hygiene is also of great importance in any professional capacity. Especially in account service, one cannot meet the client smelling bad. It's distracting, uncomfortable and puts the organization in bad light. No matter how good the work is, foul smells get in the way. If subtle hints don't work, I think that someone has to go up to the poor soul and say "Here. Use this deodorant every morning after a shower. Without fail. And while you're at it, please wash your hair more often than once in four days."

I think all opinions should be welcome. I've seen creatives think that they're supreme gods and disregard everything account service says. How are we supposed to sell your idea when we don't believe, or worse, understand your idea? It's working together for the good of the client that will win awards and increase sales. Compromise? No! So let's work together that you will be happy to put in your portfolio and I will go "Great idea! Nice work, guys!" and see the concept with my 100%!

So make sure you're appropriately dressed for work (please do not show up for work in a red catwoman-inspired suit or overpowering animal prints or sleezy barely-cover mini skirts, see-my-boxers jeans or round necked tee shirts pulled out of your jeans), roll on that deodorant after showering and washing your hair, and keep away from excessive blog-reading while showing genuine interest and a keen learning spirit.


paris parfait said...

Some excellent points here, Kay. Sometimes I marvel at how standards have lapsed in the workplace - some relaxation is fine, but as you said, sometimes the relaxed standards create distractions and disrupt good working relationships.

bonnie said...

Good points! In Asia, I would also add "telephone courtesy" to the list required for professionalism. Thanks!

Kamsin said...

One does have to wonder how some people stay in their job!

Anonymous said...

Great article Kay and you are right on target!


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