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Saturday, July 08, 2006


this is for this week's sunday scribblings

I've been travelling since I was 7 - when I went to the States for the first time - so I've stayed in many hotels all over the world. The worst hotel would have to be the daggy hotel at in East Malaysia, the "base camp" of Mount Kinabalu. We were two to a room with birds' nests in the balcony, bird droppings everywhere, and absolute filth. My roommate wanted me to take my footwear off inside the room but how many filty shoes had trekked the wooden floors before me? I refused. It was a good thing it was only for a night. We didn't have much choice anyway as it was one of three hotels available.

The most fun I had ever had on any trip was when I travelled to France in 1998 with the NUS Choir on a choral competition. We were not nearly good enough but it was a great trip. Subsidized, there were 40 of us altogether and the best experience ever! I shared a room with Peiling, Sara and Davina in France on the competition leg of the trip, and Raymond, Sara and I roomed in a little B&B in London. We always turned in late after chatting half the night away in each others' rooms.

My most recent trip to Sydney was to a gorgeous beach house about 5 hours outside of Sydney. Too big for two people, it had 3 bedrooms, a lovely open concept kitchen, veranda overlooking the beach. I love the feel of space. I have had a hard time saying this before but I really enjoyed this vacation.


paris parfait said...

Thanks for sharing some of your adventures! What a gorgeous photo!

alyndabear said...

Do tell which hotel you stayed at - I'm from Sydney, and would love to visit. North or South Coast? ;)


Kay said...

Hi Aly

We stayed at Bateman's Bay, Denam's Beach I think. It's about a 5-hour drive from Sydney city and it's in the South. It's very much a retirement town in during non-peak seasons. I went in May and it was gorgeous. You can check out the houses for rent at Maybe I'll post more pics!

Have fun! Cheers,

Kamsin said...

Great photo! I'm not sure I could've stayed in the room with birds nests, i really hate birds!

Kay said...

Hi - another "kay" here. Thanks for sharing your stories. I've traveled all my life too. Hotels are something, aren't they?

Vedmak said...

You know… I also have great experience of living in hotels. I travel a lot and I can already make a list of hotels which I wish I would never visit again! But there are some hotels which l like very much and always try to stay at…for example, in Sydney I always stay at Sheraton hotel


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