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Saturday, July 15, 2006


This week's Sunday Scribblings post about baggage comes comes very times as I have a grand total of 25 days left in Singapore, and I just awoke from a very disturbing dream and told me that I have there are unresolved issues burried in my life - baggage.

My new Samsonite luggages sit outside in the living room because I have no storage space and because I really should start a trial run of packing so I know how much I can bring to London with me and what I have to leave behind. My CDs, of course, will stay here at home and I'll only carry my tunes around in my iPod. I am exceedingly happy that the airline has okayed my request for excess baggage allowance free, which means that instead of the usual allocation of 20 kilos, I'll get another 10. Comes in very handy when you'll be away for an extended period of time. Even so, I think I'll get my parents to send me some items like some books and my wool coats because I'm sure I'll use up all 30 kilos.

I hope to be able to do some travelling when I'm in the UK. To other parts of the UK perhaps? Or maybe to other European countries. I've never been to Spain nor to Italy and these are the two countries that I'm dying to see. Sometimes I wish I were embarking on this journey with someone. A friend perhaps, or an extra-special someone. But I'm going solo and I've made up my mind to enjoy the solitude, to make new friends and to embrace new experiences. Life's too short to be unhappy. I don't want to say, "If only I had...," when I'm 80. And I figure I'll learn to pack a tighter suitcase!

The disturbing dream I had was about someone betraying me, lying to me. The person in question wore the face of someone who was once very important to me but had the personality of another who is very important to me. Dreams are a reflection of the self and are in no way a predictor of current or future events (in most cases anyway), so what this represents is my suspicions about a particular person, relationship or situation. If this is founded and I have evidence, this situation will get filed away under "baggage - for future use." And if this is an unfounded fear, it just means that I have take something out of my past - emotional baggage - and connected it to the current situation.

i think no one grows up with absolutely no baggage. I think the fallen world in which we live is so decayed that no matter how pristine our attempts are are, we inevitably become tainted souls. Perhaps this is the cross we carry; each of a different shape and size, that we have to work through in our lifetime.


alyndabear said...

I'll come with you, I'm dying to go back. =P

The great thing about the UK, is that everything is so - close. You can just hop on a plane (and it's not too expensive, either) and visit a country of your choice. I say experience as much as you possibly can while you're there.

Love that suitcase.. looks very funky.


yak attack said...

Good for you! I often wish I were traveling with a special someone, but realize that until that happens, I will continue to travel solo. At least I won't sit home and wish...
Go for it!!!

Hundred and one said...

I love samsonite luggage - sturdy and long lasting. Enjoy your trip to London - and visit Birmingham while in Englad! That's where I live and it's lovely - it has (almost) everything London has but at a slower pace.

NuttersNotes said...

Most intrepid....carrying plenty of stuff and travelling alone. Take care and have fun! That is a cool suitcase too.

Kamsin said...

Hi Kay
I hope you got my email. I realised from your post that I'll still be in England when you get here. I always found with packing for extended trips overseas that I take a bunch of stuff I'm sure is essential and then find I don't use it! I promise you most of your stuff you really won't need and most things are available in London! And I can relate to travelling long distances alone, you can probably expect some lonely times but also lots of new and wonderful friends! And when God is with you you are never really alone!

Gemma said...

What an adventure. Traveling alone.
Reminds me of a great book 'Kites Strings of the Southern Cross'( a womans travel odyssey).
Hope you'll blog your experiences.

Colorsonmymind said...

I think it is great that you are going to travel alone.
Maybe you will meet some good friends and or a special someone:)

January said...

Hope you have a fabulous time on your travels. And I hope you will blog about the the experience.

Kay said...

Have a great time. Sometimes I wish I was traveling alone again.


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