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Sunday, June 18, 2006


This week's Sunday Scribblings is about beds and I was just thinking - I don't think much about my future. I don't plan what kind of house I want to own, I don't plan what kind of bedroom I want to have, and I don't think about what kind of bed I want to sleep in. I can't seem to think about my own future beyond the very immediate. But I love to dress up my own room, my current room. My friend Cheri and I regularly trawl Ikea for ideas and things to buy for our rooms; I'm currently sleeping on a dark red large checks bedclothes, with four pillows, a Mogu pillow (a Japanese pillow filled with tiny styrofoam balls, it's very soft and nice to hug, and some teddy bears in a corner. Yes - teddy bears. These teddy bears have sentimental value to me as they were all gifts and I like having them there though I don't hug any to sleep.

I know my 21 year old cousin thinks about the kind of home she would like to have one day. But I just don't quite know right now. I hate down pillows because I'm terrified of birds and feathers. I'll have lots of pillows because I sleep with my head propped up. And in a cool climate, I'll have a plush duvet that will just envelope me.

I've been sleeping a lot this weekend as it's been a really tiring week at work. I don't want to leave my bed in the morning and the first thing I usually say when I get up, whether audibly or in my head is "I'm so tired."

Here's what a friend drew for me on his computer in 2 minutes. Andrew is an online friend from the States and has never seen my room. This is what he envisoned it to look like. It's not quite so little girl but I do read in bed quite a bit.

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paris parfait said...

Lovely post, Kay. I never thought much about long-term either when I was your age. Like you, I just made the most of what was available to me and decorated accordingly. The important thing is that you feel comfortable there - it has your own stamp, just as wherever you go will have your own stamp. The online drawing is great - but I agree, a bit more little girl; the reality is stronger! :)


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